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Julia & Henry’s Unveils the Highest Concentration of Award-Winning Chefs Under One Roof
June 02, 2023 · 5 min

Hey Feasters! Did you see what Forbes had to say about Julia & Henry’s opening? Lucky for you, we have the insider scoop.

But let’s start with the star of the show: the FOOD—And not just any food—Oh no, my Feasters, prepare to be wined, dined, and absolutely dazzled, because this cuisine is going to take you to new heights. Think mouth-watering dishes crafted by Michelin Star and James Beard Award-winning chefs as well as talented creators recognized by the World's 50 Best Rankings.

So here’s the tea…

The heart of Julia & Henry's is an iconic three-story open atrium space, where 26 culinary concepts await your indulgence. Whether you're a busy bee in need of a morning cafecito and pastry, or a social butterfly stumbling home after a wild night craving some lifesaving fries, Julia & Henry's is your one-stop shop for meals that cater to your every need from sunrise to sunset.

Some highlights?

Discover Osso by Chef Renzo Garibaldi. A butcher shop and rustic, yet elevated restaurant rolled into one, Osso is the place for premium cuts and delicious barbeque—from perfectly grilled ribeye, to flavored sausages, to short rib that falls off the bone, Feasters need not feel coy when digging their teeth into these succulent cuts that have landed Osso on Latin America’s 50 Best list six consecutive years!

Get ready to indulge in some figer-lickin’ goodness at James Beard Award-winning Chef Michelle Bernstein's newest concept, Michy's Chicken Shack. Chef Bernstein has perfected the craft of frying chicken to crispy excellence, and it's sure to become your new go-to comfort food. With that signature crunch and mouth-watering flavor, you won't be able to resist! But that’s not all, Feasters: Cafe Luncheria, an all-day lunch spot, also by Chef Bernstein, will be repping the taste of Miami with vibrant Latin flavors! 

Fancy a decadent burger maybe?—Let’s be real, how can you not?! So, picture this: succulent wagyu beef topped with onion confit, gruyere melt, and thyme aioli—Woah! Well, June by Chef José Mendín has this in store and much, much more…think a burger joint with gourmet ingredients and bold global flavors that will leave you awe-struck. But he doesn’t stop there! Also, by Chef Mendín, HitchiHaika, is a fast-casual gyoza concept inspired by a hitchhiking dumpling that travels the world, picking up new tastes along the way to bring you gyozas you never thought possible.

Let’s finish off with some dessert, shall we? But these are not just any sweets, Feasters. We're talking the crème de la crème of Parisian confections by Yann Couvreur Patisserie. The youngest recipient of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry Chef Award, as well as winner of Pastry Chef of the Year by both Le Chef and Gault & Millau, Couvreuer is world renowned for his artistic flair and clever riffs on classic pastries. From wild strawberry rhubarb & almond dessert to Couvreur's signature Vanilla Millefeuille, it’s no wonder why he is the go-to pastry chef for the fashion elite, celebrities, and foodies alike.

And there’s still more to dish… Can you handle the suspense?

Spotted: Coming soon Julia & Henry's rooftop is getting a major upgrade, and it's bound to be a hotspot for foodies. Say ciao to Torno Subito by Massimo Bottura, the three-Michelin star Chef who's basically the culinary king of the world. And get this: Chef Bernardo Paladini, Bottura's protégé, who helped earn Torno Subito Dubai its first Michelin star, will be leading the charge as Head Chef of Torno Subito Miami. Looks like we're in for a treat!

Remember, Feasters, life is too short to eat boring food. So stay hungry, stay curious, and always stay in the know!…and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

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