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    First, create an account. Between us? You'll automatically receive 50 Feastars as a welcome gift!

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    Next, have it your way! Credit or debit cards, all qualify you for your Feastars earnings.

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    Earn Feastars, get Rewards

    Final step, reap the rewards... Free food from our 20+ restaurants, drinks from any of our 3 bars, J&H merch & more. We love to treat our loyal guests like J&H royalty!

Land of the Free, J&H Edition

Feastars get you free food. Free drinks. Free rewards!

Credit or debit, you earn Feastars!

  • 1 per dollar

    Pay as you go.
    Scan and pay separately

    Scan and pay separately

    Use credit/debit card at the register.
    Mobile passes

    Mobile passes

    Members are able to save their loyalty “cards” on their phones and receive feastars.
  • 2 per dollar

    On specific days or times, you can earn double the amount.


    Save time and earn stars twice as fast, by participating on J&H monthly challenges.


    Unlock different perks and rewards as you collect feastars. On specific days or during certain times, you can earn double points!
Registration Offer

Registration Offer

Register to the J&H Loyalty Program today and earn 50 Feastars as a Registration Offer!
Birthday Offer

Birthday Offer

Enjoy 25% Off on your order (7 days before and up to 7 days after your birthday)
*Restrictions apply.


We want to help in any way we can. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Feastars Loyalty Program, please email us here.