Mensch is a melting pot of culture expressed through cuisine. It tells the story of the Jewish diaspora, mixing ingredients and techniques from around the world. Marked by menu items such as scratch-made pastrami, homemade breads, salmon and trout, Mensch’s menu leads a journey through family recipes inspired by cozy homes from every continent!

  • FOOD

Feast Dishes

  • Labneh & Tomatoes

    Assorted tomatoes, onions, cured anchovies, labneh and heb garlic crust

  • Babaganoush

    Eggplants, garlic, tahini, olive oil and lemon

  • Laffa Bread

    Rosemary, za'atar, salt and olive oil. Served with labneh, zhoug and fresh tomatoes

  • Lahmacun

    Savory spiced meat pizza with tamarind and oranges, pine nuts and fresh herbs

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