Budget-Friendly Lunch at J&H

The ultimate lunch destination
October 12, 2023 · 3 min

Spotted: A culinary oasis featuring not one, not two, but tens of different culinary concepts where you can indulge in lunch for less than $20!

Pay attention, Feasters, because we've curated a worthwhile guide to ensure you're in the loop on all the delicious, budget-friendly bites that J&H has to offer…all by world-renowned chefs.

  • Palmar: The Asian street food “hawker” concept offers mains like Spicy Pork Noodles starting at $14.

  • Hitchihaika: Chefs José Mendin and Jorge Mijangos’ fast-casual gyoza shop features options such as the Vegetarian ($14), Chicken Carbonara ($15), and Beef Kimchee ($16)

  • Mensch: Mensch sells a story of Jewish diaspora with his menu featuring dishes including Shakshuka ($14), Lox ($16), and Falafel Platter ($18).

  • Michy’s Chicken Shack: Acclaimed chef Michelle Bernstein brings her beloved recipes to Michy’s Chicken Shack, with sandwiches, salads, and fried chicken combos starting at $14.

  • Frank: Specializing in gourmet hot dogs made with the highest quality of ingredients, Frank offers one-of-a-kind dishes like the Mac and Cheese Dog ($14), the Cuban Press Dog ($14), and the Truffle Dog ($15).

  • Rozu: The Asian street food-inspired fast-casual spot features signature poke bowls starting at just $18.

  • Tacotomia: The new authentic Mexican concept from Chef Karla Hoyos features Fish Tacos ($13), Carnitas ($13), and Organic Mushroom Tacos ($14) with two tacos per order.

  • June: Chefs José Mendin and Jorge Mijangos’ burger concept boasts a creative menu with dishes like Classic ($14), Le Parsienne ($15), and Texan ($16).

  • Battubelin: Battubelin is a 100% scratch kitchen with pizza and pasta options starting at $16. (Dough can also be made gluten free!)

  • La Latina: La Latina serves up traditional Venezuelan comfort food like arepas that start at just $10 and Caracas Bowls that range from $13-16.50.

  • Epicurean: The new American Miami diner offers health-conscious meals like the Kale Caesar Salad ($12). The Julia Wrap ($16), and Zorba the Greek Bowl ($18).

  • Luncheria: All-star chef Michelle Bernstein’s Luncheria is described as her “love note to Miami,” with classics like El Vegetariano sandwich ($14), Vegetables Rostizados ($15), and the Mi Cubano sandwich ($18).

  • J Wong: Chef Xarles Thomson delivers authentic Peruvian cuisine with classic sandwiches starting at $10 and ceviches starting at $12.

The only question now is ‘what are you waiting for?’

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