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July 05, 2023 · 8 min

Feasters, listen closely, for we have the most mouthwatering news to share. 

We’re well aware that even the most seasoned connoisseurs can find themselves (pleasantly) overwhelmed by the plethora of mouthwatering options—be it one, two, or dare we say, 20 dishes that beckon their taste buds. 

But fear not, my loyal foodie followers, for we have enlisted the wisdom of our esteemed Family of Feasters to curate an extraordinary experience, tailor-made for each member of your illustrious clan. 

Whether your heart longs for the serenity of the cool, composed Pilates Mom or craves the adrenaline-fueled adventures of the thrill-seeking Classic Younger Brother, be assured that Julia & Henry's possesses a tantalizing treasure trove that caters to every discerning palate. 

Don’t be shy! Meet our Family and let us know which Feaster you’re most like. And if after your brief introductions you still don’t know where you fit into the family, take the quiz at the bottom of the page to find out!


Pilates Mom

Poised, polished, and posh, the Pilates Mom oozes class and sophistication - down to her taste buds. Every aspect of her appearance is meticulously curated, from her immaculately styled hair to her perfectly tailored outfits that exude timeless chic. She effortlessly blends in with the elite circles of society, engaging in captivating conversations on diverse topics ranging from culture and fashion to health and wellness. Her intellectual curiosity and appreciation for the finer things in life make her a sought-after guest at social events, where she effortlessly charms everyone with her eloquence and grace.

Can be found at: L’Artisane Bakery (French Vegan Bakery, Ground Level), Cicchetti (Italian Tapas, Ground Level), Mensch (Mediterranean, Balcony Level), The Epicurean (Bowls & Salads, Ground Level), Rozū (Asian & Peruvian Poké, Mezzanine Level), La Época Bar (Ground Level Wine Bar)

Cool Older Sister

Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss, the Cool Older Sister is the ultimate insider. She wears the latest trends, frequents the hottest clubs, and knows the juiciest gossip. Her innate ability to navigate social landscapes with ease ensures that she, along with the members of her inner circle, always receives VIP treatment. But fashion and nightlife are not the only areas where the Cool Older Sister shines. She is a master of cultural currency, always aware of the latest trends, memes, and pop culture references. Her finger is constantly on the pulse of what's happening, making her an invaluable source of information and inspiration.   

Frequently spotted at: Yann Couvreur (French Patisserie, Ground Level), J Wong (Ceviche Raw Bar, Ground Level), Shimuja (Ramen, Balcony Level), Yabai (Hand Roll Sushi, Balcony Level), The Lasseter Bar (Craft Cocktails Bar, Balcony Level)

Brother Abroad

Curious, cultured, and a bit chaotic, the Brother Abroad simply can’t keep his culinary coups to himself. His spontaneous nature leads him down serendipitous paths, where he uncovers hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path eateries, and unexpected adventures. His ability to navigate uncertainty and embrace the unknown adds an exciting element to his travels, creating tales that are as captivating as the dishes he discovers. A well-rounded connoisseur of culture, he bestows a deep appreciation for diverse artistic expressions that enrich his understanding of the world and adds depth to his conversations. 

Venturing around: HitchiHaika (Gyozas, Balcony Level), Palmar (Dim Sum "Hawker", Balcony Level), Achar (Bengali Street Food, Balcony Level), Sankuay (Chifa, Balcony Level), Frank (Hot Dog Joint, Mezzanine Level).

Game-Day Dad

Proud, pragmatic, and, of course, patriotic, the Game-Day Dad finds comfort and satisfaction in hearty, flavorful dishes. As a master of the grill and a connoisseur of comfort food, he knows that the perfect meal can elevate the game-watching experience to new heights. In his quest for culinary excellence, he draws inspiration from both classic comfort foods and innovative twists for his game day feasts. He seeks out local ingredients and flavors, incorporating them into his dishes to showcase the richness and diversity of his community. Beyond his love for food, he is a pillar of strength and a source of unwavering support for his family. He leads by example, coaching little league, helping with time tables, and teaching his children the values of honesty, responsibility, and perseverance.

Staying put near: Osso (Meats & Butcher Shop, Ground Level), Luncheria (Cuban Café, Ground Level), June (Wagyu Burgers, Mezzanine Level), Michy’s Chicken Shack (Fried Chicken, Mezzanine Level), BoxElder Craft Beer Market (Mezzanine Level).

Classic Younger Brother 

Rugged, rowdy, and resilient, the Classic Younger Brother is a rebel in all aspects of life - except when it comes to the culinary classics. Outside of the kitchen, the Classic Younger Brother thrives on adventure and thrills. He seeks adrenaline-pumping experiences, whether it's extreme sports, off-road expeditions, or daring escapades. While at times he may be a bit mischievous, he possesses a knack for finding humor in even the most chaotic situations, lightening the mood and reminding others not to take life too seriously. His ability to turn mundane moments into entertaining episodes makes him the life of the party, and his infectious laughter spreads joy wherever he goes.

Running around: Battubelin (Italian Pizza & Pasta, Mezzanine Level), Papa (French Fries, Ground Level), Tacotomia (Mexican, Mezzanine Level), La Latina (Venezuelan, Ground Level).

Adorable Little Cousin

Social and self-assured, it’s no secret that the Adorable Little Cousin has a serious sweet tooth! With her infectious laughter and magnetic personality, she effortlessly brings joy and light to the lives of everyone she meets. She is the life of the party, filling the room with laughter and creating lasting memories with her loved ones. Embracing her individuality, while encouraging those around her to do the same, The Adorable Little Cousin is a source of unconditional love and support, offering a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on when needed. Her kindness and empathy make her a trusted confidante and a cherished friend.

Floating about: Baklava Bakery (Bakery, Balcony Level), Fookem’s Fabulous (Key Lime Pie Vending Machine, Mezzanine Level), OMG Brigadeiros (Chocolate Gift Shop, Ground Level), Puffles (Ice Cream & Waffles, Ground Level).

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